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What to Expect After Vasectomy

Mike Jerry

There are certain precautions and expectations men should be aware of after vasectomy. Although rare, a vasectomy problem such as swelling or infection might occur and men should look out for complications. The first week after the surgery it is important to rest, refrain from driving, wear comfortable underwear, and use ice packs or pain relievers to deal with soreness. Men will have to abstain from sex after vasectomy for three or four days. The vasectomy effectiveness isn't verified until your follow-up appointment, so practice safe sex until then.

Vasectomy surgeries do not take very long, but after the surgery there are many things that a man should and should not do. Basically he should take care of himself, just like how you normally would take care of yourself after any other type of surgery.

Typically, there are few complications involved, but usually the successful ones won't have any problems. However, in certain cases symptoms such as swelling, bruising, inflammation, and infection may occur. These are very rare, though they do take place in some instances.

What Can You Expect?

It is normal to feel sore a few days right after vasectomy surgery, but this is not sign to any complications or side effects of the surgery. One day should be devoted to complete rest.

In less than a week everything should be fine. Recovery in normal situations does not take more than that, though there are some cases in which it takes more than ten days. Painkillers, antibiotics, and/or pain relievers are usually supplied together with all other medicines that you take after the surgery, such as itch and sore medicines. Check with the doctor regarding when you can start taking showers.

What You Should and Shouldn't Do After Vasectomy

After vasectomy no driving is allowed usually for one whole week, so make sure you have set up proper transportation to guarantee smooth travelling.

Wear comfortable scrotal support garments or jockey shorts immediately after vasectomy. Try wearing those for at least one week or more.

If you happen to have any swelling forming up, or if you feel uncomfortable, try staying off your feet and use ice packs occasionally to cool the scrotal area during the first few days right after vasectomy.

Contact your doctor immediately if anything bad symptoms appear, such as swelling or inflammation. Do not try to deal with of any type of pain on your own because it could be a post-operative pain that may turn up to be very severe.

It may seem strict but you will likely have to abstain from sex for three or four days after vasectomy, but most of the time you won't feel like it anyway. Until your next check-up or appointment with the doctor, you should know that you are still not verified to be sterile. It is advisable not to have unprotected sex until you've gone for your check-up because there are still chances of your partner getting pregnant.

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